Saturday, 5 November 2011

One Day, David Nicholls

A day comes for every woman to realize that she is no longer a little girl and inevitably she is getting older. Surprisingly enough, I'm not talking about the first shock of looking yourself in the mirror and spotting your first wrinkle, since you know that a botox appointment is just a phone call away. But what do you do when there is nothing else than accepting that the years have gone by? For me that moment was when I finished reading this book. A book that should make me cry like no other, but didn't, which meant I was old enough to know that there is no perfect love story.

'One day' is about a great love story. A well presented time travel into the last three decades. The music, the trends, the politics and the British culture in the background makes this book more vivid and realistic.  Emma and Dexter get to spend their graduate night and day after together and a unique friendship bonds them forever. David Nichols, the author uses a clever and interesting way to present his characters; every year on the same day we lively witness the transition of two young, promising, graduates, from the early 20s to youth and then to mature adulthood.  Two friends who had to get old enough to realize that they are meant to be together and live a great romance.

Well, I have to say that the main characters were quite predictable and so was the ending. However, the author manages to create the right ambience with the descriptions and the dialogues that he uses, so in the end you don't regret that you have read it, cause  after all …. a great love is always a great love.

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