Thursday, 26 July 2012

Let Me Tell You, Jorge Bucay

Well, I must say that I don’t really like self-help or self-improvement books. Not for any particular reason, only because I think that there are several things that you just can’t get fixed simply by reading a book. However, without knowing that they are considered as self-help books, because I wouldn’t buy them otherwise, I have read a few and they got me by surprise.

I was trying to improve my Spanish, so when I read the blurb of the ‘Let me tell you’ I thought it would be an interesting book and easy to follow. My initial plan was to read it slowly without any pressure, but it failed as soon as the first chapter was over. It was captivating, interesting and there was no way that I would put it aside.

It’s the story of a young man going to therapist to short out some of his main problems regarding his everyday life. Problems that every man or woman in his late twenties or early thirties has to deal with. Demian has to figure out how to get a job, find a girlfriend and have a relationship that would make him happy, how to deal with money, family, friends and co-workers; with dreams that never came true and the comprises that has to do. In a few words Demian wants what everyone wants to be happy and to live a good life.

Jorge Bucay is a psychotherapist who wrote this book in a very interesting way. Demian comes with the questions and his therapist gives him the answers, but it’s not that easy. Everything is hidden in stories, stories that the therapist narrates and Demian and the reader as well has to figure out the message in them.  


  1. In a story the Fat guy makes a reference on another book,where the main character is represented like a broken clock.Do you know which is this book?Thank you.

    1. Hi Antonis,

      It's been a while since I read it, so I don't remember this particular one, but let me look up for it and I will get back to you.