Sunday, 8 January 2012

More awkward situation for men, Danny Wallace

Have you ever had posters of a famous actor hanging over your bed? Have you ever been in love with your favorite movie star? Even though you have never met him, you are pretty sure that he is that perfect person with who you gladly spend the rest of your life with him. Well, I hadn’t. I had never had my famous pointless crush. Till now. Till the day I started reading this book, the “More awkward situations for men”.

Danny Wallace, the author, is my crush. Since the book is a collection of personal awkward situations, I have to say that this man is so funny, that I found myself laughing out loud too many times. His stories are humorous, embarrassing, sarcastic,  but so true. 

While I was reading it, I could imagine all my male friends having the same problems and dealing them with the same way. If you want to laugh and at the same time be related to what you are reading, this book is the one.

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